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Cattle Manager 




 K-9 Helper




 Black Belly Sheep &

NZ Rabbit Manager



 Electrician/ Maintenance

Ranch Hand 


 K-9 Helper





Costalota Ranch is a small farm located in Sebring, Florida.  We are about three miles off of Highway 27 on 98 and have about 124 acres.  You can find horses, chickens, cows, pigs and sheep there.  We have a donkey “on duty” to protect our livestock along with Roy’s blue heeler “Judd” that keeps everything in line!

Warren, Roy’s son, has invested a lot of time into growing his garden hydroponically.  He has even taken some ideas from successful hydroponic greenhouses which included the greenhouse at Disney’s Epcot Center in Orlando.

We take great pride in the care provided to our animals here on the ranch. Strict attention is given to their diet and surroundings in which they graze and live.

Our goal is to provide our community a means to purchase fresh top quality beef, pork and chicken.  Currently you have the ability to “pick” your own animal from start to finish.  In the future Roy hopes to provide a place in which you can come and select various fresh products ready to take home.