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Posted by Christina on January 4, 2012 at 11:15 PM

Today being a chilly day gives perfect opportunity to update our Blog...

Just a couple days ago, last minute arraingements to cover the garden were done late in a chilly evening.  A future note on that, make sure more then one person is there to do this. With winds picking up, it makes for great entertainment trying to hold down the frost cloth and stapel it to the ground while your battling the cloth out of your face to see what your doing, not to mention how the animals come around to see what is giong on and start to nibble at the material out of curiousity.  While your still battling the cloth you cant see them doing this and your blaming the wind for pulling against you, then you hear a neigh directly in front of you on the other side of the cloth, and you come to realize the horses are having fun with you.

At least the plants got covered and we are looking good so far on holding out the frost with the heaters in place under the cloth.

We had another baby cow born to our beloved Blondie. Her baby is just so adorable and is giong to have moms brindled coloration. 

The newest additions here are the New Bull, who hopefully will be less aggressive then our last big boy.  And of course, the new White Donkey, Bubba.  Bubba is definately a sight to see. Being the biggest Donkey on the ranch, and the most brightly colored one, you cant miss seeing her in the field.

The chicken coop is coming along slowly , cant wait to see it all done, its going to be huge! Also in the works is some adding of stalls to the barn so we might be able to board some horses, or fill them in with our own. The shed down by the pig barn is of interest lately. That looks like its going to be slightly remodeled as well. Going to be adding an awning around it, with a small fence to keep the cows out. They visit the rabbits over there every evening, and honestly, we are surprised the cages have held up as the cows love to rub on them.  All we can say is good craftmanship has kept those cages alive for the past few weeks, and the cows will be dissapointed why they can no longer get to the rabbits.

As we continue on here at the ranch, things are constantly revolving. Currently Ashley is in with Abe, so wo hope to have more piglets available soon if things go according to plan. Some of the cows are starting to look rather fat as their due dates get closer.  The rabbits are not being bred yet, in fact, we may have to change up the rabbits we have, these guys look like pet rabbits, and are not going to be big at all.  Might have to go with a different breed.

Until next time we write down happenings or plans for the Ranch, we all hope you have a fantastic New Year!

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