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Posted by Christina on February 14, 2012 at 10:20 AM

Well since it has been some time since we have updated things, I figured today was as good a day as any to do just that.

We've been plugging along with different little projects on the Ranch. The chicken coop is still in the works, though that has been paused at this time due to other things needing to get accomplished first.  The rabbit shed is coming along slowly too. We finally got the fence around it to keep the cows out, and we finally finished the door to the fence the very same day we had our -First- litter of bunnies born to our Red buck and Red doe. She had 6 pink babies!

Another thing thats been happening is deciding where we are going to be keeping some of the pigs. It looks like its time to start building more pens. Now that we have to Registered Boars on hand, thats going to keep things going along pretty smoothly in the swine department. So our current count of 7 pens should be expanding soon.

We have another calf on the Ranch too, this one wasnt born here though, she's more of a rescue. When she was born, her front hooves were knuckled over, and she couldnt walk, so her mother abandoned her. She's such a pretty calf though, we decided to take the time to take her in, straighten her legs out and get her going. We've had her for 2 weeks at this point, and her legs have straightened on up, and she's eating well now. Since she's so small though, we cant put her out to pasture with the other cows because our Donkey Bubba will pick on her, and she has no mother to back her up. So for now, our sow Laverne has been her company. Strange thing to see a calf and pig in the same pen together, but hey, its working and both have company!

Soon we hope to finish our rabbit cages, and get the roof over them before the summer heat gets here. Currently we have 6 cages, but if all goes to plan we should have 8 cages, and lots of rabbits available for people to buy. Not to mention for the 4H kids too. We went to the 4H fair this year and found no New Zealand rabbits there... talk about surprised! The New Zealand rabbit is a very popular breed, in fact, the Cadbury Bunny is a white New Zealand rabbit.

Another thing we are working here on the ranch for, is to be able to host a Chicken Swap for local farmers and people to be able to swap chickens and get together to exchange ideas and what not. We think this would be an awesome opportunity for the community to be able to gather and learn something new. However, this is all in the planning stage at this point. There's some zoning laws on our property that we must address first before we hold this event, to be sure we are in compliance with everyone.

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