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Vertical Gardening Hydroponics


The Hydroponic growing systems we use provide for very high density production for ourgarden. We grow hydroponic Strawberries, Blueberries, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Corn, Okra, Collards, Mustards, Broccoli, Cabbage, Kale, Potatoes, Brussels sprouts, Eggplant and several different varieties of Peppers. Our stackable pots are insulated to protect the plants from extreme temperatures. Stacking pots in Vertical Towers allows for very high density production in a far smaller amount of space. What makes hydroponics different than regular gardening? Hydroponics uses no soil and plants are grown in a substitute growing media. The plants still require all the nutrients that they would have obtained from the soil. A specially blended hydroponic fertilizer is added to the irrigation water and provides a balance of all the 13 trace nutrients the plants require and even micro nutrients such as boron, etc. This gives you more control over plant nutrition and increases production and quality.




 Advantages of vertical growing

Space savings:                       

        3-8 times more plants per acre with vertical growing.

 Save energy and water                 

     (Up to 85% savings on water).

 Less disease:                        

         From soil splattering.

Longer seasons:                     

      Soil temperature and Soil type is not a factor.


         Not a factor and excessive rainfall is less damaging.



          You get higher quality fruits and vegetables.  






The nutrient solution is the most important part of the system. You can have varying degrees of success in many substitute soils, but with the proper nutrient and media you can produce more than you ever thought possible in less space with less fertilizer, less water, and less or no pesticides. When you regulate water and nutrition with a good quality plant variety you have both higher production and higher quality. Operation You can grow 6-10 times more in a vertical garden than in a normal garden of the same size. We currently have over 600 plant sites and are ever expanding. Our mission is open a U-pick that serves the needs of Highlands county. Come back often for up to date news on what happening at Costalota.