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                           Our Rabbits

Because rabbits breed and reproduce... well like rabbits, there is usually a supply of them at all times. Rabbits can be purchased once they are weaned from mom, around 8 weeks of age. Since we have several varieties of colors of the New Zealands, and a few Standard Sized Rex (not mini's) prices range from $10 - $35 per rabbit, depending on age and coloration/pattern.

Since there are so many rabbits to keep track of, we cannot take the time to post individual pictures of each bunny on this website, however, if you call Peanut, she will happily take pictures of whats currently available and get them to you, or you can view the most up to date pictures that we have Here

At this time, we do not offer full pedigree's on the rabbits, but only partial ones on request. Papers can be emailed or mailed to you after the purchase of the animal.

Upon purchase of any rabbits, you will get a ziplock bag of food that they eat, so you can gradually change their diet to the feed you choose.


Our Rabbit Family



Swiss Roll - New Zealand Black Doe 


Bucky IV - New Zealand Broken Black Buck 


Cookie - New Zealand Broken Black Doe 


Cadbury - Rex Harlequin Buck 

Truffle - Rex Lilac Otter Doe 




Sherbet - New Zealand  Red Buck 


SnickerDoodle - New Zealand/Rex Mix Harlie Doe