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                    Start to Finish Program           

 ***This page is currently not applicable. It will be back up and running as soon as we figure out the prices to raise the animals individually for people. Thank you for your patience!***


Our “start to finish” program will allow those that are interested in the process the ability to select their own calf or lamb.  They are welcome to come out and visit their personal animal during the growth process.  We naturally grow our livestock and do not use “growth hormones” to speed up this process.  Once the animal is ready, we will take it to the processor of your choice.

How it works for beef:

Our calf crop usually arrives mid to late winter.  They will remain with their mothers for approximately three (3) months then weaned and placed in our nursery pasture where they graze for nine (9) months.  At one year you may come and pick out your calf.  At this time you will pay for your calf along with a monthly feed fee.   From there they will go into our feeding program and are fed a high protein non-hormone supplement for approximately six (6) months.  At this time you may select to send your calf to a local* processor or continue the feeding program for an extra couple of months.  (Suggestions are available for processors.)  You will tell your processor how you would like your meat prepared.  Processing time varies between processors.  Once everything is finished you will pick up you meat and enjoy knowing exactly what you have on your table.

We guarantee our service.  If something should happen to your calf  during this time, we will provide you another of equal weight.

For those that wish to monitor this process but are unable to come out to the ranch, we can provide pictures via e-mail of this growing program.


*Local processor = Processors in Highlands, Hardee, Okeechobee, DeSoto and Polk counties, south of Highway 60.  Fuel fee for outside processors.

* Registration form is found on the left hand side of your screen. 




Purchase gilt piglet at 8 weeks of age $150.00

Purchase bar piglet at 8 weeks of age $125.00 

Purchase one month feed $  65.00

Initial purchase cost (gilt) $215.00

Initial purchase cost (bar) $200.00 

(Monthly feed cost $  65.00)

Approximately 3 months feeding total $195.00


Total cost of raising pig (gilt)        $410.00

Total cost of raising pig (bar) $385.00 


Delivery to processor (No cost w/in local area)

(Processing charges typically $.60 to $.80 per lb)


Pigs can be purchase anytime after they are 8 weeks of age.  Price will be determined by age of pig at time of purchase.  


 * NOTE* Prices subject to change at any time depending on the market. For most current and accurate pricing, please call us!






Please call Roy at 863-381-9356 for pricing on calves.  This price will be determined by fair current market value.

If you are interested in getting half a calf, please let us know, we might be able to match you up with another person so that you may both g